Go Piss Girl // Gossip Girl Spelling Meme

My favorite in the first wave of 2020 Covid-19 quarantine memes

I write this while on the screen (the never-ending screens of 2020) Chuck is begging yet again for Blair’s affections, while she instead will go with the Lord who is lowkey sleeping with his step-mom because Chuck refuses to say I love you. A classic conundrum to happen at country clubs, I’m sure. Gossip Girl is one of those shows that truly takes you out of your shitty little reality, where you can instead focus on the dramas of the ridiculously wealthy and young Manhattanites of the late oughties and 2010s. It doesn’t shock me that during a global pandemic one of the first major memes to capture the Internet’s attention is related to Gossip Girl. I write this living in (and mourning) New York City in the middle of a global pandemic that is ravaging a city that has as much mythology as it does history. A city that is as much a relationship as it is a place. As I watch Gossip Girl second season and write this blog about my new favorite meme (one in the first wave of pandemic memes) which is directly taken from Gossip Girl, it’s one moment that I can think about how things once were without thinking about how they once were for me. I don’t have to think about how I may never eye flirt on the train again or lay around in Prospect Park while several dogs off leashes attempt to give me love. I will never be able to relate to the experiences of the wealthy in Manhattan, despite existing in a constant state of class drag. In shows like Gossip Girl, we can visit our own city at a different (simpler) time, by extension the Gossip Girl spelling meme allows us to express pre-quarantine experiences while referencing a time that we can never actively return to.

The meme is rather simple and features the reason the word “frenemy” exists, Blair and Serena. Serena at the top can say anything, but Blair’s text at the bottom must include an answer that has any of the letters that make up “Gossip Girl”, preferably in the font. Of course, this is if you want to do the meme in ~the original way~ but of course, as is the nature of memes, it might all evolve in the span of a few hours to days. The “go piss girl” version made me lol.

The memes can go literally anywhere topic wise and don’t have to be related to Gossip Girl at all. This “why did the US invade Iraq?” “Oil girl” is fucking genius, it fits within the spelling, and pokes fun at the United States, which I love personally. I vibe with politically critical memes that poke fun at the American establishment and commonly held beliefs about the reality of the United States. It’s also even funnier given the context of who is pictured, young wealthy heiresses whose families probably supported the Iraq war and love the oil industry, I mean at least if fake wealthy Americans are anything like real wealthy Americans.

Some of the memes are very “self-aware” in regard to the speaker. This one specifically calls out the actress who plays Serena, Blake Lively, for getting married on a plantation. This has always been my biggest critique of Lively, despite loving the character Serena to be honest (I love hot blondes who fly all around the world seeking their dad’s attention…..sounds like a brunette I know), and one that I feel isn’t nearly brought up enough. Remember that Blake Lively married her husband Ryan Reynolds in 2012…..on Boone Hall plantation in South Carolina…. anyway, this meme is amazing because it not only brings the info to those who may not know but also immediately includes a very immediate response of “girl.”

This one honestly makes me think of Lana, even though she has luckily dumped her cop boyfriend. The great thing about the Gossip Girl spelling meme is that it has a left-wing tint, despite being directly taken out of a hyper-wealthy aesthetic and world. Who isn’t brought comfort knowing that despite all that is fucked up in the world we still have memes about how much we hate cops?

The Gossip Girl spelling meme is probably my favorite recent meme format to distract us in these q-tine days. Please send me your favorites! I would say my second fave formatting that I’ve seen is the What’s Your Quarantine House meme that went around for a brief moment but overall felt very obvious, compared to the Gossip Girl spelling meme which I honestly hadn’t seen coming.

Anyway, xoxo g o s s i p g i r l